This project is part of a series of animated supplements to a WGBH/Amgen high-school laboratory curriculum. The concept was to establish what students would see on the bench, then dive inside the lab equipment to show what happens to the molecules. I created the photoreal establishing shots as a contractor, and they were interspersed and overlaid with molecular animation and narration at Digizyme.
Bonus technical detail: the gel-loading shot in the first sequence uses Maya nDynamics, and became the basis for a tutorial at The second sequence was animated entirely in MODO, which had no particle or fluid simulation at the time.
client: WGBH
agency: Digizyme, Inc
role: independent contractor, Angstrom Images LLC

WGBH gel electrophoresis
Concept and art direction: Digizyme
Models, simulation, animation, shading, renders, composites: Evan Ingersoll
MODO, Maya, AfterEffects

WGBH column chromatography
Concept and art direction: Digizyme
Models, animation, shading, renders, composites: Evan Ingersoll
MODO, AfterEffects

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