Hello, and welcome to my portfolio! I’m Evan Ingersoll, a scientific animator based in Boulder County, Colorado. I use the tools of modern digital storytelling – 3D animation, simulation, visual effects, motion graphics – to help scientists communicate their ideas to broader audiences.
I started my career as a scientist, with degrees in Molecular Biology and Immunology from Princeton and Harvard, and bench experience at NIH/NIDR, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and the Harvard School of Public Health. In search of the bigger picture, I moved on to the Program in Science, Technology and Society at MIT, where I was caught up in a wave of disruptive innovation and soon found myself creating “new media” (websites, CD-based interactives, 3D illustration and animation) with some of Boston’s finest design and marketing agencies. 
After seven years of agency experience, working with clients including PerkinElmer Life Science, Siemens Medical Systems, Respironics, and Polaroid, I launched what is now Angstrom Images in 2005. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from many fascinating clients – and collaborate with many talented designers and illustrators. I’ve been fortunate to grow into the industry along with Digizyme, working with them on projects since 2004 and as an employee from 2012-16. Much of the work here springs from that soil; recent highlights include 36 animations and illustrations for E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth digital textbook, a series of animations on mass spectrometry for Waters Corporation, and a set of interactive molecular landscapes for Cell Signaling Technologies. 
My work is always changing: I am always learning new science and new tools. My work is always the same: helping clients communicate ideas clearly, accurately, and beautifully.
If you have a story that needs telling, contact me!
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