In 2006, Ensemble Therapeutics engaged Digizyme to create a video explaining their novel DNA-driven chemistry platform. This became an enduring lesson in approaching molecular animation: ask not what the software can do, ask what you can do with the software! The concept called for a test-tube full of swirling, reacting molecules, but after painstakingly animating the hero reaction, it became clear the software could only show seventeen molecules at a time without crashing. Careful management of camera path and “recycling” of off-screen actors rescued the shot, which is still pretty cool more than ten years later.
client: Ensemble Therapeutics
agency: Digizyme, Inc
role: independent contractor, Angstrom Images LLC
Concept and art direction: Digizyme
Models, rigging, volumetrics, renders, composites: Evan Ingersoll
Lightwave, AfterEffects
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