This poster showcasing Cell Signaling Technology's products for tumor immunology is a study in managed complexity. Many of CST's diagrams begin at the cell surface and trace signals inward; in this poster the signals of interest move between cells, through molecular contact or at a distance. Similar cells play different roles under the combined influence of local factors. With a team of illustrators at Digizyme, I built a solution that splits the information across distinct levels. A “physical” landscape separates processes; lines trace the flow of secreted factors between distant cells; and hovering insets show molecular interactions between cells in contact. Despite the inside-out concept, color cues tie this poster to CST's other "landscape" images.
client: Cell Signaling Technology
agency: Digizyme, Inc
role: Senior Scientific Animator at Digizyme
Evan Ingersoll, Digizyme: Art direction, landscape and cell models, shading, renders, composites; secreted factor “network map” and 2D art. MODO, AfterEffects, Illustrator, various force-directed graphing tools
Landscape layout and sketch, Molecular insets, Concept and additional art direction: Digizyme
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