Biomodels is a contract research organization that includes in their services a proprietary Bayesian algorithm to identify multi-gene "network" explanations for genetic conditions. I worked with them through Digizyme to create animations of their process and show some drawbacks of a "naive" GWAS candidate-gene approach. To avoid getting bogged down in math, I developed a colorful mock-physical metaphor to capture the presenter's expressions of "test everything against everything – shake it all up" and "chuck it at the wall and see what sticks."
The videos are intended for presentation by a live narrator in conference or webinar settings, so the originals are silent and paced to the presenter's expected delivery.
client: Biomodels, LLC
agency: Digizyme, Inc
role: Scientific Animator at Digizyme

Biomodels: Bayesian Model and GWAS critique
Evan Ingersoll, at Digizyme: Concept, art direction, models, simulation, animation, shading, renders, composites
MODO, AfterEffects, Illustrator

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