the back of your napkin never looked so good.

Whether you are pitching a device idea to investors or taking a product to market, there are times when a pencil sketch — or even a blueprint — won't do. When looking good, and looking real, is worth far more than a thousand words. What would your finished device look like in action? How would it fit the product lineup of a major device manufacturer? How would end-users interact with your device?

That's where Angstrom Images can make all the difference. Working from CAD data, a pencil sketch, or just a good description, we build images so lifelike you'll want to pick them up. And your clients will want to take them home. With illustrations and animations from Angstrom Images, seeing is believing — and believing is the first step in making your device idea become reality.

agencies / clients include:
       Sage Science
Vision Design Group
Benes Brand Imaging
       PerkinElmer Life Science
       Siemens Medical Systems
       Selective Micro Technologies
       Performance Motion Devices