illustrating the invisible.

Angstrom Images is a small studio dedicated to producing images and animations of exceptional quality. We hold every image to high standards of technical accuracy, effective communication, and aesthetic beauty. Angstrom’s advertising images regularly appear in Science, Nature, and Cell; our posters grace the walls of many leading laboratories. When we create an image for you, your customers won't just understand your message — they'll want to cut it out and frame it.

Working with Angstrom

Angstrom is a flexible partner in your communication efforts. We will work directly with your researchers or inventors to develop a concept; we are also happy to work with your internal marketing department or agency of record to produce images that integrate seamlessly with your existing brand and positioning. 

Evan Ingersoll, principal

Evan’s unique background makes Angstrom Images a one-of-a-kind studio. He began his career in the sciences, with degrees from Princeton and Harvard in Molecular Biology and Immunology. He then moved into writing about science at MIT's Program in Science, Technology and Society. The growth of the internet and improvements in computer graphics opened new possibilities for communication. Building on his passion for design, Evan shifted his focus to visual communication via new media.

With 8 years of experience in multimedia design at Boston-area marketing firms, working with clients including PerkinElmer, Siemens Medical Systems, Respironics, and Polaroid, Evan launched what is now Angstrom Images in 2005. His work at Angstrom brings him full circle, applying over a decade of experience with digital media production tools to the goal of communicating scientific ideas — accurately, clearly, and beautifully.

Capabilities and Tools

illustration for print — advertising, catalogs, brochures, annual reports, posters, banners
animation — moving images for websites, presentations, training, tradeshows; deployments ranging from mobile devices to the video tower at NASDAQ
tools — we believe that tools are a means to an end, and the limits of any tool should not constrain the communication of your ideas. But tools are important, and we use some of the best available.  Currently we use Modo, Maya, Lightwave, Cinema4d, After Effects, Final Cut, Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, and dozens of plugins and supporting tools.